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Airport Solutions

Air travel around the world brings people and commerce from all geographic areas and countries closer together. Our nations and our world depends on this safe and efficient form of global transportation. The threat to airports and the resultant potential loss of lives and economic losses due to service interruptions make it imperative that airports throughout the world are properly protected from terrorist and safety related events. Transportation authorities are tasked with ensuring safe and convenient travel that is affordable and always available. 


PureTech’s PureActiv wide area and perimeter protection solutions help transportation authorities improve the safety and security of airports with a tangible Return on Investment. PureTech’s wide-area perimeter protection solutions automate the protection of land and water-side perimeters to help ensure the safety and security of personnel and critical assets. 

Safe Skies Member

By detecting intrusion events at the perimeter, before they result in more catastrophic events, loss of life, and operational downtime, airport authorities and law enforcement can intervene to deescalate situations and quickly return to normal operations. The PureActiv system provides detection, alerting, and proactive deterring of potential safety and security events, which helps protect lives and critical assets. With decades of field deployments and continuous innovation, PureTech’s patented geospatial AI-boosted video analytics provides very high probability of detection with a very low nuisance alarm rate.  Additionally, PureTech’s solutions include and combine integrations with other sensor systems to provide the most effective and affordable safety and security solutions. The solutions scale incrementally so that you only pay for the capabilities you need when you need them.

Key Automated Detection Capabilities:

  • Person or vehicle approaching or breaching perimeter,

  • Unauthorized water vessel in secure water area,

  • Person in unauthorized areas during unauthorized times,

  • Person or vehicle tailgating through entry points,

  • Vehicle stopped,

  • Person or large animals on runway,

  • Person in area around critical infrastructures,

  • Person loitering,

  • Wrong direction of travel,

  • Vehicle and people counting, and

  • Unsafe crowding.

Key Integrations:

  • Market leading VMS and PSIM systems minimizes IT changes and training,

  • Multiple sensor technologies (radar, fiberoptic sensors, etc.) for the most cost-effective detection coverage,

  • Loud hailers and spotlight / lighting systems to deter people from perimeters,

  • GPS for blue-force tracking (people, land and sea vehicles),

  • License Plate Recognition systems, and

  • AIS (commercial ship transponder) for ship tracking.

Intrusion Detection System US Army

"PureTech is a long-time provider of Intrusion Detection solutions for our Waterfront and Airfield Surveillance Systems for the US Army. They have supported both maintenance and system upgrade services including integration of a wide variety of supporting technologies. PureTech has continually upgraded their solutions to provide enhanced detection in difficult environments." 


Other Key Capabilities:

  • Longest range, highest probability of detection, with the lowest false alarm rate,

  • Auto-verify, AI Neural Net verified object classification before presenting to the user,

  • Available for fixed and rapid deploy mobile (truck or trailer) deployments,

  • Geospatial map-based command and control common operating picture provides optimal situational awareness,

  • Live intruder and event locations displayed on GIS map,

  • PTZ camera lock-on-target tracking of intruders,

  • Automatic drone dispatch to alarm locations for birds-eye live view,

  • Built-in VMS option available for both live and recorded video viewing, and

  • Push alarm events with images and video to mobile devices.

Need a Rapid Deploy  Solution?

PureActiv® Rapid-Deploy Autonomous Perimeter Surveillance System (R-DAPSS)

(R-DAPSS) enables airports, borders, military bases, seaports, transit agencies, and utilities to quickly deploy a temporary or permanent high fidelity virtual perimeter system at substantially less cost and time than a hard-wired solution.  The PureActiv R-DAPSS provides the same best-in-class level of perimeter intrusion detection, auto-verification, and automated deterrence as a hard wired-solution.  Security and facility managers can now secure their perimeters quickly without planning and executing a large construction project.

PureActiv Rapid-Deploy Autonomous Perimeter Surveillance System

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