PureActiv® Rapid-Deploy Autonomous 
Perimeter Surveillance System (R-DAPSS)

(R-DAPSS) enables airports, borders, military bases, seaports, transit agencies, and utilities to quickly deploy a temporary or permanent high fidelity virtual perimeter system at substantially less cost and time than a hard-wired solution.  The PureActiv R-DAPSS provides the same best-in-class level of perimeter intrusion detection, auto-verification, and automated deterrence as a hard wired-solution.  Security and facility managers can now secure their perimeters quickly without planning and executing a large construction project.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid installation in weeks, not months or years.

  • Lower cost than traditional systems

  • Improved site security by providing better situational awareness to security personnel. 

  • 95% reduction in false alarms, increasing operator productivity.

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Key Features

  • Guaranteed near zero false alarms.

  • Near 100% auto detection of humans, drones, animals and vehicles.

  • Auto-verified alarms ensuring only alarming on objects of interest.

  • Tailorable to address nearly any perimeter scenario.

  • Autonomously classify targets of interest.

PureActiv’s open architecture software solution easily integrates with numerous perimeter and field sensors and systems to enable your organization to quickly leverage as much or as little of PureTech’s capabilities as needed.   PureActiv can automate the entire process from intrusion detection, auto-verification, PTZ Auto-follow, and invoking non-lethal acoustic deterrents.

Auto-Detect and Geolocate Intrusions
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  • PureTech Geospatial Video Analytics,

  • Fence Sensors,

  • Radars,

  • Ground, and

  • Other sensors.

Auto Classify Intruders
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  • Autonomously steer cameras, dispatch drones to gelocation of intrusion.

  • Using ML, classify target as a threat/non-threat.

Auto Alert Personnel & Keep Track of Intruders
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  • Issue alarms - Mobile devices, Workstations.

  • Autonomously follow intruders.

  • Keep airborne and ground intruders in camera view.

Auto Deter & Defeat
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  • Blast intruders with deterrent sounds and strobe lights.

  • Jame drone communications and GPS.