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PureTech Vision

PureTech Systems is the market leader in automated wide-area surveillance and perimeter protection systems that enable our customers to more efficiently and effectively secure, monitor, and control large and remote sites. We will provide these systems to customers in select Commercial and Government market segments where we can gain and maintain a strong position by providing differentiated products that:

1) Improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness, 

2) Are highly reliable, 

3) Simple to configure, and 

4) Easy to customize. 

We will serve markets where we can achieve sufficient critical mass to support our commitment to outstanding customer support.

PureTech Values

Customers - Our first priority is to ensure that we deliver to our customers superior product solutions that successfully secures their most valuable assets in a more effective and efficient way than our competitors.  We do this by listening to their needs and developing innovative solutions with the objective of not merely satisfying but delighting them. 

​Integrity - We are fully committed to the highest level of ethical conduct. From hiring practices to deploying our products, we take great pride in obeying all laws, staying honest, truthful, transparent, and socially responsible.

People – We value people above all else.  We help our fellow employees improve their skills, treat them with respect and fairness, listen to them, recognize their accomplishments, and stimulate and trust them to approach their jobs with passion and commitment.

​Teamwork – We build trusting long-term relationships and team with employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders with open, honest, respectful, and candid communications up and down and across organizations.  We listen to our stakeholders and share ideas, technologies, and best practices with them.

Innovation – We gain competitive advantage through innovation in everything we do including creating market-leading innovative products and innovative internal processes and systems.  We encourage creativity and strive for technical leadership in everything we do.

Data Driven – We use data to enhance our products through deep learning algorithms and make business decisions based on facts not gut feelings.

Speed – We focus on speed for competitive advantage.  We simplify processes and avoid non-value-add activities to compress cycle times.

Performance – We expect high performance, reject mediocrity, set ambitious goals, and meet our customer, financial, and other commitments. We strive to be the best in the world.

PureTech Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind.

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