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Cookie Policy

We (PureTech Systems Inc.) value your privacy. We and certain third parties use cookies on this website. By choosing ‘Allow all cookies’ you consent to our usage of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy and will get the best possible experience on our website. You can also choose to only accept the cookies that are strictly necessary for the website functionality.  For more details about the cookies, their purpose and the third parties involved, click ‘Show details’.

How we use cookies

Cookies are essential for you to get the best out of our websites.

PureTech uses cookies to store your preferences and other information that helps us improve our websites, however cookies cannot identify you personally.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used by almost all websites. A cookie is a small data file that is stored in users’ web browsers in order to recognize their computers. A web browser is a computer program used to download and display web pages, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information from users’ computers or spread computer viruses or other malicious programs.

Cookies can, among other things, be used to prepare statistics of users' use of the site.

Cookies are used to recognize computers in the event of subsequent visits.

No personal information, such as name, address or similar, is stored in our cookies. Some third-party cookies collect IP-addresses which is personal identifiable data according to the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulative.

Storage period for a cookie

All cookies (both from PureTech and third-party) delete themselves after a given number of days, weeks or months; the time may vary according to purpose.

It should be noted that a cookie is renewed at each visit and the storage period is reset.

Personal data

PureTech do not collect personal identifiable data unless you have applied these data yourself.

We never share these data without your specific consent.

Protection of personal data

According to EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) all your personal identifiable data must be stored and handled safely and confidentially.

We store your data on servers with limited access, placed in controlled facilities and we adjust our security measures all the time to secure that we handle your information lawfully.

Due to the nature of the internet we cannot guarantee 100% security when data is being transferred via the internet. This means that others might unrightfully retrieve the data, when the data is sent.


Contact concerning personal data

If you would like to know what kind of personal data, that has been stored at PureTech, you should contact

If any data is wrong or you have any objections you can also contact this email address.

You have the right to have wrong data adjusted, deleted or blocked.

You can also get insight into what kind of data that has been stored about you, how they can be connected to you, and how you can object to the registration according to the GPDR.

You also have the right to object to the use of your personal data. And you can at any time revoke your consent.

Furthermore, you have the right be forgotten in and to be erased from our databases.

If you want to complain about the way PureTech treats your data, you should submit your complaint to the local data authority.

Delete or block cookies (Browser settings)

If you do not wish to receive cookies you can set your web browser to disable cookies. Note that most browsers offer different levels of privacy, such as allowing first party cookies but blocking third party cookies or notifying you each time a website wants to install a cookie.

Be aware that disabling cookies in this way will prevent new cookies from being set but will not stop previously set cookies from operating on your device unless you delete all cookies in your browser settings. The instructions for managing cookies in your browser can usually be found via the browser’s Help function or in a smartphone manual.

Last updated: Jan 2024

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