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Automated Geospatial Border and Perimeter Protection Software Solutions

Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

The goal of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) is to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic in and about urban areas and cities.  By 2050, it is estimated 60% of the world’s population will live in cities (source  ITS uses intelligent video and other sensors to detect the movement of vehicles and issues related to traffic such as signal controls, driver safety law violations, vehicle accidents, traffic jams, and wrong-way driving among others.  The data from these sensor can be used to improve the lives of citizens and visitors and ensure sustainable cities.  Optimizing traffic flow of vehicles including quickly finding parking ensures a great experience and minimizes air pollution.  PureTech’s AI video analytics can be used to address many of the detection needs of Intelligent Traffic Systems.

Key Automated Detection Capabilities:

  • Cloud and edge based deployments.

  • Presence of vehicles to control intersection lights.

  • Crosswalk incursion to alert pedestrians and drivers.

  • Driver infractions, such is illegal turns, exit median lane violations.

  • Vehicles blocking intersections.

  • Wrong direction of travel.

  • Vehicle counting for traffic statistics.

  • Street and lot parking stalls availability.

  • Parked vehicle duration.

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