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Man Overboard and Bridge Jumping Detection

Man Overboard and Bridge-Jumping Detection

Man Overboard events continue to be a common occurrence in the cruise industry and other related markets. The problem is compounded by the fact that when these events occur the timely availability of important data is missing. Accurate confirmation of the event including time of occurrence, location on the ship and location in the sea is critical, but often unavailable for hours following an occurrence, if at all. Fortunately, proactive detection systems such as the Man Overboard Detection System from PureTech Systems, can accurately detect man overboard events and provide immediate, actionable data to response personnel.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Detection of Man Overboard Events,

  • Patented Video-Based Solution,

  • Detection Rates Above Industry Benchmarks Over Wide Variations in Sea State and Weather Conditions,

  • Very Low False Alarm Rate,

  • Instant Video Validation of Event for Immediate Action,

  • Reporting of Event Latitude and Longitude (i.e. Location in the Sea),

  • Fall Origin Guidance (i.e. Location on the Ship),

  • Alarm and Video Retention and Review,

  • Situational Presentation of Incident Data to Decision Makers,

  • In Service Installation, and

  • Drone Integration Capability – Automatic Search and Rescue Dispatch with Live Video

Almost as important as detection accuracy, false alarms from weather conditions and cruise operations can minimize the effectiveness of detection systems. The Man Overboard Detection System has undergone real-world testing on board superliner-class cruise ships using industry-developed guidelines along established cold water and warm water cruise routes. The system is affordable and testing demonstrated positive results including minimal false alarms, and very high detection rates.

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Suitable for:

- Container Ships

- Bulk Carriers

- Tanker Ships

- Ferries

- Cruise Ships

- Naval Ships

- Offshore Rigs

- Special Purpose Vessels

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