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New PureTech Patent Automates the Verification of Alarms

Jul 19, 2022

New PureTech Patent Automates the Verification of Alarms

PHOENIX, Ariz. –  PureTech Systems announced the issuance of a patent by the United States Patent Office – “US Patent 11,373,511 for Alarm Processing and Classification System and Method.”  This is the 16th patent issued to PureTech Systems Inc.

A major issue plaguing central monitoring companies is false safety and security alarms from video enabled systems. False alarms are not only time-consuming to assess and process, but they take essential resources away from taking action on real safety and security events. PureTech’s newly awarded patent automates the verification of alarms and pass on only validated alarms to Central Monitoring personnel for further action.  With the use of AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics for false alarm rejection, PureTech’s PurifAI™ solution can eliminate up to 95% of false alarms.

PureActiv PurifAI™ is a system and method for processing alarms including data received from a third-party data sources. PureActiv will process the visual data to detect and classify objects in the area of interest.  If an object satisfies the classification, according to a set of pre-defined rules, a positive alarm will be issued. If the object is in nonconformance with the pre-defined criteria, a false alarm will be logged but not forwarded for action.

​“PureTech Systems is pleased to be able to provide relief on the number of false alarms, in turn increasing the overall monitoring efficiencies and effectiveness. This will enable Central Monitoring companies to dramatically scale their businesses without adding staff.” said Larry Bowe Jr, President of PureTech Systems. 

Consistent with the company's intellectual property protection strategy, PureTech Systems continues to apply and be awarded patents for its award-winning AI Geospatial Video Analytics for electronically securing perimeters around facilities, infrastructures, and borders.

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