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PureTech Announces Successful Integration

Nov 9, 2021

PHOENIX, Ariz. PureTech Systems announced today the successful integration of the Open Options DNA (Distributed Network Architecture) Fusion Access Control Suite into the PureActiv Geospatial Command and Control solution.

PureTech Systems is known as a market-leader in the development of AI Geospatial video analytics and command and control software products designed to help organizations secure their perimeters around critical infrastructure and country borders. This recently deployed integrated solution provides stakeholders an added level of security by working seamlessly together to monitor and manage a wide variety of perimeter sensors and access control points.  Automated escalation ensures handling of critical alarms satisfy regulatory requirements.

Open Options’ flagship product, DNA Fusion, delivers a complete and scalable access control solution for any organization ranging from the multi-campus enterprise to a single lobby entrance. DNA Fusion takes full advantage of the distributed network architecture model and open platform control panels allowing organizations to monitor and manage several integrated systems through a single common interface.

"Partnering with PureTech Systems has been an excellent step for furthering the integration of DNA Fusion with video analytics, and automated security software, as well as assisting with leveraging data in order to support critical infrastructure," said Chuck O'Leary, VP Access Control, Americas, ACRE. "This kind of software collaboration will continue to provide added value for stakeholders and organizations looking to secure their properties for years to come."


 “PureTech is pleased to be adding this impressive DNA Fusion software to the family of access control systems supported by PureActiv.  We strive to always offer the best-fit perimeter protection solution to address our customer’s needs and adding the Open Options Access Control solution integration provides another superior option for our many clients, especially for regulated industries” said Larry Bowe, Jr., President of PureTech Systems.  


About PureTech Systems®PureTech Systems Inc. is a privately owned company established in 2004 that develops, markets, and supports patented location-based AI video analytics software, PureActiv©, for real time safety and security applications.  The company’s software improves situational awareness with AI video analytics, sensor integration and information fusing for automated real-time event detection with primary emphasis on automated intrusion detection and camera tracking for country borders and coastlines, facility perimeters and critical infrastructures (pipelines, railroads, dams, bridges, ports, utilities, power plants, military bases, and airports). To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at , call 602-424-9842 or email


About Open Options

Since its founding in 1997, Open Options has been a pioneer in the open platform community, focused on helping customers improve security by building trust through the most connected experience. Today, the company continues to be a leading provider of innovative access control solutions with the most experienced, highly qualified service and support teams in the industry, providing access that connects. Open Options’ flagship access control platform, DNA Fusion, seamlessly connects with leading security technologies — including video, biometrics, wireless locks, and more — to provide customers with a best-in-class security solution. Our customer-first, open business culture and dedication to customer care through the Connect Care experience are what set us apart; when you do business with Open Options, you’re doing business with real people who care about your experience. To learn more about Open Options and our solutions, visit

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