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PureTech Delivering on Orders of its PureActiv Software providing Rapidly Deployable Advanced Surveillance Technology to U.S. Border Patrol

Jul 29, 2020

PHOENIX, Ariz. – PureTech Systems has announced today receiving orders for its PureActiv software for over 135 Mobile Video Surveillance Systems (MVSS) vehicles being delivered to the Department of Homeland Security for use along the U.S. border. Delivery on the award began in 2020 and will conclude in the spring of 2021.

The MVSS platform utilizes PureTech Systems’ PureActiv software as its central command and control, providing AI enhanced video detection and classification, user interface display, and sensor collaboration logic for the surveillance suite. The suite consists of visible and thermal cameras, laser illuminators and range finders mounted on telescoping masts located in the back of commercial pickup trucks.  The PureActiv software enables detection and classification of intruders up to 6 miles away. Once the PureActiv software automatically identifies an intruder, the system has the ability to automatically track them and quickly provide accurate intruder location on a GIS map to the end user.

PureTech Systems is teamed with Benchmark Electronics Inc. to deliver the complete mobile surveillance system with the mission to track and identify Items of Interest (IOI) along the U.S. southwest border and other remote surveillance scenarios where rapid mobile deployment is needed. “Benchmark’s MVSS solution is a truly innovative and cost-effective approach to monitoring the U.S. southern border. The technology has the potential to provide uncompromised situational awareness while keeping our Border Patrol agents safe,” said Jeff Benck, president and CEO of Benchmark.

“PureActiv is designed to secure our borders with the safety and effectiveness of Border Patrol Agents as a top priority” said PureTech Systems President, Larry Bowe. “ PureTech Systems software outperforms other analytics in detection range and accuracy of detection and classification, allowing agents to more efficiently and effectively identify threats and protect the borders of the United States.”

In addition to border security, PureActiv is used to secure perimeters of critical facilities and infrastructure in many market sectors by forming a nearly impenetrable virtual wall.

About PureTech Systems®

PureTech Systems Inc. is a privately owned company established in 2004 that develops, markets, and supports patented location-based AI video analytics software, PureActiv©, for real time safety and security applications.  The company’s software improves situational awareness with video analytics for automated real-time event detection and forensic video content analysis with primary emphasis on automated intrusion detection and camera tracking for country borders and coastlines, facility perimeters and critical infrastructures (pipelines, railroads, dams, bridges, ports, utilities, power plants, military bases, and airports). To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at or contact at 602-424-9842 or

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