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Recap of ISC West 2024

Apr 18, 2024

ISC West 2024, held in Las Vegas, marked a significant milestone for PureTech Systems as it announced reseller agreements with two major companies in the security industry, i-PRO and Magos. This strategic move not only expands PureTech Systems’ portfolio but also reinforces its commitment to provide the most comprehensive, easy to integrate, and reliable AI-boosted, geospatial video analytics and sensor fusion software solution for perimeter protection. With these initiatives, PureTech Systems aims to deliver a comprehensive turn-key solution equipping organizations with the tools they need for effective perimeter security and threat detection.


Expanding Horizons with i-PRO

The addition of i-PRO cameras in PureTech’s arsenal brings together PureTech's geospatial AI-boosted video analytics and i-PRO's cutting-edge cameras. This collaboration is poised to offer unparalleled situational awareness, enhancing overall security measures and operational efficiency. During the event, PureTech illustrated the power of this combined technology, offering attendees a direct glimpse into the enhancements it promises for surveillance and perimeter security.


Forging Ahead with Magos

Similarly, the reseller agreement with Magos introduces an exciting addition to PureTech’s product lineup. Magos is known for their cost-effective, low-power, high-performance radars, which, when coupled with PureTech’s patented video analytics, promises to enhance security posture and operational performance. The synergy between Magos’s radar systems and PureTech’s AI-boosted geospatial video analytics was demonstrated through various recorded demonstrations at PureTech’s booth drawing attention from industry professionals and potential clients alike.


A Successful Showcase

The atmosphere at ISC West was charged with a growing number of innovative and forward-thinking professionals united by a shared goal of securing the future.  The success of ISC West 2024 for PureTech Systems was not just in expanding industry affiliations, but also in the optimistic reception from the market and the potential for future growth opportunities these collaborations could unfold. Industry experts and attendees praised the strategic direction PureTech is taking, highlighting the company’s initiative to continue to deliver technological advancements to the security sector.


ISC West also provided an excellent platform for networking, with PureTech Systems capitalizing on the opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, current and potential clients. The event facilitated rich discussions on emerging trends, current challenges, and innovations in security technology, further positioning PureTech at the forefront of the industry.


ISC West 2024 proved to be a success for PureTech Systems. The announcement of the reseller agreements with i-PRO and Magos not only enhances PureTech's market offering but also sets the stage for a new era of delivering turn-key, integrated security solutions. As PureTech Systems continues to navigate the evolving landscape of security technology, its participation in ISC West has undoubtedly bolstered its position as a leader committed to excellence and innovation in the industry.


Looking Ahead

As we look forward to the next big events, PureTech Systems will be exhibiting at the Border Security Expo at booth #1001 in El Paso, TX in May, and later at the GSX in booth #1954 in Orlando, FL in September. These events will provide additional opportunities for PureTech to showcase its geospatial AI-boosted video analytics and integrated security solutions.

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