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Winter 2023 Newsletter

Jan 9, 2023

PureActiv® PurifAI

Contact Us if you are interested in a beta test in Q1

PureActiv PurifAI is a monthly subscription-based service that uses AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics to eliminate false/nuisance alarms before they reach your central monitoring operations and/or your smart phones for self monitoring. The patented cloud-based service receives video motion alarms from any source (new or existing cameras, DVRs, NVRs, other video analytics, motion sensors), and reassess them using cutting-edge AI technology to filter out false/nuisance alarms. Only those alarms that pass the AI filtering are forwarded to your central monitoring software, SMS, and/or email, on your smart phone. False/nuisance alarms are logged, but not forwarded so you don’t have to waste time looking at them.



Edge Computers with PureActiv® Inside

PureTech Systems is delivering edge computers with PureActiv Inside for high accuracy autonomous perimeter intrusion detection at the edge. This AI-boosted edge processing enables users to add PureTech's best-in-class AI Video Analytics to new or existing systems for increased site security and situational awareness.



Winner of 6 ASTOR Awards

PureTech Systems was a winner of 6 AST ASTORS Homeland Security Awards. The company took home 4 Platinum awards in:

  • Best Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solution,

  • Best Video Analytics Solution,

  • Best Long Range Surveillance Solution, and

  • Best Maritime Perimeter Protection Solution.

In addition to the Platinum wins, PureTech was awarded Gold honors for:

  • Best Perimeter Protection System, and

  • Best Mobile Surveillance ISR Solution - RDAPSS.



In Case You Missed It

PureTech Systems was awarded its 16th patent from the U.S. Patent Office for Alarm Processing and Classification System and Method. The newly awarded patent automates the verification of alarms and passes on only validated alarms to Central Monitoring personnel for further action. With the use of AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics for false alarm rejection, PureTech’s PurifAI™ solution can eliminate up to 95% of false alarms.


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