RVSS achieves "Full Operating Capability" designation on southern U.S. Border

April 25, 2017

RVSS achieves "Full Operating Capability" designation on southern U.S. Border

CBP deployment features PureActiv Geospatial C2 and Video Analytics.

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The recent designation by the U.S Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) granted “Full Operating Capability” of General Dynamics’ Remote Video Surveillance Systems (RVSS) deployed for protection across the southern border of the United States. An important component of the RVSS system is PureTech Systems’ Geospatial Video Management System for Command and Control and the PureActiv® video analytics used for patented real-time automated long range detection, classification, and tracking in support of CBP’s mission along the U.S southern border.

“Achieving this approval is a great accomplishment and we’re honored to be an instrumental part of the solution that is helping the great men and women of Customs and Border Protection protect our nation’s borders,” commented Larry Bowe, president and CEO of PureTech Systems. “Reaching this milestone was truly a team effort with all those involved.”

General Dynamics, was awarded the contract to upgrade the RVSS capability along the southern U.S. border in July of 2013 with field deployments, including the PureActiv system, beginning in 2015. The RVSS system consists of a series of elevated towers and structures equipped with advanced electro-optical and infrared sensors enabled with video intelligence and advanced sensor control developed by PureTech Systems to provide persistent ground surveillance to border patrol agents.

In their release, General Dynamics Information Technology’s IT Services and Solutions sector vice president and general manager, Dan Busby, quoted that, “Reaching a full operating capability designation is a testament to both the effectiveness of the RVSS solution and our continued partnership with CBP. The RVSS upgrade will continue to provide CBP and U.S. law enforcement personnel with the advanced technology necessary to secure our nation's borders and increase agent safety through enhanced situational awareness."

Also quoted in the release was Ronald D. Vitiello, Chief of CBP's U.S. Border Patrol, who said "The deployment of the Remote Video Surveillance System is important to the safety of our agents and to our mission. Successful partnerships like the one we have with the General Dynamics team, are necessary to efficiently and effectively secure the border."

The recent “Full Operating Capability” milestone was the culmination of two years of deployment and field testing at key locations across the southwest, including the Arizona sites of Nogales, Douglas, Naco and Ajo, as well as, the McAllen and Laredo locations in Texas. The RVSS Upgrade program has a potential 10-year performance period, during which the General Dynamics OneSource team, will manage the operation and maintenance at all sites.

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