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Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counting

A rising incident of travelers rage, mounting complaints, illegal parking, lost revenue, and high emissions from cars looking for parking spaces have institutions searching for a better way to route cars to available parking spaces. Expansive parking structures and high cost of installing traditional counting systems further complicate the issue. That’s where the PureActiv Vehicle Counting technology can help.  PureActiv Vehicle Counting converts cameras into intelligent counting sensors, communicating directional count and stall occupancy data to parking management systems via XML over TCP/IP. This open communication standard allows it to easily integrate into new or existing parking management systems.


  • Significantly more accurate than loop detectors (over 98% accurate).

  • Simple install and less intrusive than loop detectors.

  • Utilizes cameras to accurately count parking traffic by stall, zone, or floor.

  • Ignore non-vehicles (people, lighting, baggage, carts).

  • Count in one or both directions.

  • Reconfigurable (cameras can be easily moved).

  • Wireless capability.

  • Ability to act as full video security system.


  • Increase Revenue - Utilizes full potential of parking structure with high accuracy rates.

  • Decrease Costs - Save installation dollars over traditional counting technologies.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce emissions by getting cars to their parking space quicker.

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