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 automated perimeter Intrusion detection systems

The PureTech Pledge

Our product solutions deliver a fully integrated automated outdoor wide-area and perimeter protection system. PureActiv is among the highest in probability of detection and lowest in nuisance alarm rates, providing a superior level of security for your facility, infrastructure, and border.

Detect, Track, Classify, and Deter with one system. Your safety is our priority.

Artificial intelligence making possible

PureActiv AI Deep Learning Geospatial Video Analytics

  • Automatically detects, classifies, tracks and alarms only on Objects of Interest.

  • Technology backed up by 13 patents and over 16 years of innovation and field training data.

  • Longest detection ranges in the industry (over 5 miles)- requires fewer cameras.

  • Higher accuracy - Industry leading Probability of Detection and low Nuisance Alarm Rate.



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Military Bases



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Central Monitoring



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Rapid Transit


Other Solutions

puretech integrated products

PureTech’s PureActiv Rapid Deploy Solutions enable airports, borders, military bases, seaports, and utilities to quickly deploy.

PureTech Systems patented Video Analytics is among the highest in probability of detection and lowest in nuisance alarm rates.

PureTech is introducing its market leading AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics for false and nuisance alarm rejection for central monitoring operations.

When coupled with PureTech’s patented market-leading geospatial analytics, the VisionView 180 provides 180 degrees protection.

The PureActiv system provides world-class situational awareness and proactive management of outdoor security threats to lives, critical facilities and assets.

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