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Who is PureTech?

For organizations needing to secure their critical operations more efficiently and effectively, PureTech Systems Inc. provides the most comprehensive, easy to integrate, and reliable AI-boosted, geospatial video analytics and sensor fusion software solution.  Our cutting-edge software turns ordinary security cameras and other sensors into autonomous, highly accurate and scalable perimeter intrusion detection systems to deliver real-time situational awareness, enabling customers to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. We empower our clients to protect their assets, people and critical infrastructure with confidence while lowering operational costs.

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Why PureTech?

  • Greater accuracy – Higher probabilities of detection and near-zero false alarm rates using Deep Learning.

  • Autonomous PTZ and fixed camera lock-on-target tracking.

  • Automated geo-location of detected objects.

  • Auto-verification (person, car, truck, etc.) of intrusion detections from Video, Radar, Fence Sensors;  virtually eliminates nuisance alarms.

  • Behavior Identification – entry, exit, loitering, stopped, object left-behind, counting, crowding, travel path, person and vehicle tailgating, crawling, running, walking, and much more.

  • Short to long range ( up to 5 miles) detect, classify, and track.

  • AI Analytics processing on lower resolution up though Megapixel cameras and on a range of thermal and visible imagery. 

  • Supports Industry Standard sensor and external system interfaces.

  • Integrates with automated deterrents; loud hailers, lights, and other deterrent sonic devices.

  • Cost effective, flexible & scalable;  deployed via edge devices or servers.


“I have relied heavily on PureActiv and thrived off its benefits. PureActiv is a gamechanger, no doubt about it”.


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