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PureActiv AI Deep Learning Geo-spatial Video Analytics

With expertise from 16 years of real-world deployments, and cutting-edge innovation, PureTech Systems patented Video Analytics are AI Deep Learning and Geo-spatially boosted and is among the highest in probability of detection and lowest in nuisance alarm rates for electronically securing perimeters around facilities, infrastructures, and borders. PureActiv AI analytics also provides false alarm filtering for central monitoring stations; reducing false alarms by as much as 95%.

​Features and Benefits

  • Automatically detects, classifies, tracks and alarms only on Objects of Interest.

  • Technology backed up by 13 patents and over 16 years of innovation and field training data.

  • Lower total cost of ownership when considering infrastructure cost and maintenance,

  • Effective in the most challenging of outdoor conditions.

  • Uses Convolutional, Neural Network Deep Learning and Geo-spatial data for high fidelity classification.

  • Longest detection ranges in the industry (over 5 miles)- requires fewer cameras.

  • Higher accuracy - Industry leading Probability of Detection and low Nuisance Alarm Rate.

  • Simplified configurations support rapid deployment.

  • Image Stabilization.

  • Autonomous PTZ camera lock-on-target tracking enhances situational awareness.

  • Object geo-location on map enhances situational awareness.

  • Combines with other detection sensors (radar, fence, ground, etc.) for most demanding applications such as nuclear power plants.

  • Seamless integration with market leading VMS systems including Genetec,  Milestone, PureActiv AlertView, and others.

  • Easily scales to fit your needs today and tomorrow.

  • Camera agnostic- deploys on edge devices and/or servers.

Behaviors Include:

  • Zone Entry/Exit

  • Stopping

  • Loitering

  • Crowding

  • Travel Path

  • Object left behind

  • Thrown Object

  • Removed Object

  • Tailgating

  • Piggybacking

  • Counting

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