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Other Market Solutions

The flexibility and adaptability of the our platforms, along with the expertise PureTech Systems has in image processing, including Machine/Deep Learning, enables us to readily address not only new and novel safety and security surveillance applications but also many other image-based pattern recognition and computer vision applications. PureTech Systems focuses on pursuing and providing solutions for markets both domestically and internationally.

In addition to providing security solutions for  Borders , Military Bases, Airports, Seaports, Mass Transit and Utilities, PureTech Sytems can be applied to following markets:

Night Time Parking at the Airport Parking Garage.jpg

Vehicle Counting

PureTech Systems Inc. delivers vehicle counting solutions that utilize advanced AI-boosted video analytics to accurately detect and track vehicles in real-time by turning cameras into intelligent counting sensors.

Smart Cities

By leveraging our expertise in geospatial video analytics we empower cities with real-time monitoring, intelligent decision-making, and enhanced safety. 

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Man Overboard Detection

Our solution utilizes our award-winning geospatial AI-Boosted video analytics to deliver a proactive detection system that accurately detects and alerts of man overboard events enhancing the safety of passengers and crew members aboard cruise ships.

Intelligent Traffic System(ITS)

Apply our advanced technologies and industry expertise to enables cities and transportation agencies to make data-driven decisions, optimize traffic flow, and improve overall transportation efficiency, resulting in smoother commutes and reduced congestion.

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