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PureTech Delivers Numerous Innovations to Increase ROI

May 10, 2023


Customers Benefit from New Capabilities that Further Automate Security Operations and Situational Awareness

PHOENIX, Ariz. – PureTech is committed to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction by providing the most comprehensive, easy to integrate, and reliable AI-boosted, geospatial video analytics and sensor fusion software solutions for borders and critical infrastructure. Larry Bowe Jr., CEO, said, “We are pleased to share just some of our progress bringing new capabilities to market in our last few major software releases. This is one of the many reasons why PureTech was named in a recent industry report and received two Govies Awards.”  

Core Software Developments: 

  • PTZ auto follow – the ability to track a specific target, with a PTZ camera leveraging our AI, that violates access control or breaches the perimeter.

  • New cyber security enhancements.

  • Improved throughput for processing various system operations.

  • Enhancements to object tracking.

  • Enhanced server failover automation. 

  • Expanded system health monitoring.

  • Support for autonomy zones (geographic zones for generating alarms and other automated actions based on tracks entering, exiting or moving within zones).

  • Novel UDP implementation to support streaming video across latent networks such as cellular and Starlink.

  • Enhanced track management features including recording, searching, and filtering of radar and other tracks.

  • Added support for additional neural nets including, Efficient Detection, Yolo V5 and V7, and ONNX ML runtime. 

  • Require (or not) Auto-identification using Machine Learning/Deep Learning (ML/DL) to Alarm. 

  • “Resolution boost” (Res Boost™) feature, which enables use of ML/DL on high resolution imagery.

  • Auto-verify of targets using ML/DL on PTZ camera feed when initial detection was by radar, fence, video analytics (i.e., any sensor with geo-location).

  • Support for running video analytics including ML/DL on iGPU inside Intel processors. Enables deployment on lower cost edge computers that do not have a discrete Nvidia GPU. 

  • Geographic area alarm shunt to enable temporary gate access,


Important Partner Technology Software Integrations:

  • Support for bidirectional TAK communications (Team Awareness Kit).

  • Support for new lenses on ClearAlign VZ-500 PTZ cameras. 

  • Added NATO 2525B map icons.

  • Added integration and support for: Elta 2112 radar; SRC R1410 Radar for drone detection; SRC WhisperHunter RF Signal finder for drone classification; DallmeierPss3 panoramic color camera; Magos Radars; Genetec integration to support tracks and alarms on their GIS map; PTZ driver for additional PVP NightHawk cameras; Hensoldt Radar; Health monitoring of Siklu radios, and solar power systems; Rail Intrusion Detection System integration; Echodyne Echoguard Radar; SilentSentinel PTZ Driver; AMAG Access Control enhancements.

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