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PureTech Integrates with Intel's OpenVINO!

Mar 24, 2023

PHOENIX, Ariz. PureTech Systems has announced its integration with Intel's OpenVINO to deliver its’ AI-boosted video analytics on edge devices with lower cost, lower power consumption, and at a smaller size. OpenVINO is a powerful toolkit developed by Intel, which allows developers to deploy their computer vision applications on a variety of hardware platforms, including edge devices. By integrating with Intel, PureTech Systems' AI-boosted video analytics can now run on edge devices without the need for a discreet GPU card, which are expensive and power hungry.

"Through our partnership with Intel, we are able to make our technology more accessible and affordable for a wider range of customers," said Larry Bowe, President of PureTech Systems. "This is a significant step forward in our mission to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers." This new integration emphasizes the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology. By leveraging its’ AI-boosted video analytics capabilities, PureTech Systems is well-positioned to drive technological innovation for critical infrastructure protection, and to create long-term value for its customers. To learn more about this technology, PureTech Systems will be at the ISC West conference next week in Las Vegas, NV. Come by booth 3055!

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