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PureTech Systems Inc. Joins The Monitoring Association (TMA) to Help Members Eliminate Nuisance Video Alarms

Jul 19, 2023

PureTech PurifAI Patented and AI-Boosted Video Analytics Can Help Increase Reliability and Productivity for Central Monitoring Companies.


Phoenix, Ariz - PureTech Systems Inc., a leading provider of advanced video analytics and perimeter intrusion detection solutions, is excited to announce its membership in The Monitoring Association (TMA). TMA is the premier organization representing professional monitoring companies and security systems integrators in the electronic security and alarm industry.

As a member of TMA, PureTech Systems strengthens its commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions by introducing its highly anticipated product, PurifAI. Powered by the company’s patented and proven video analytics technology, PurifAI offers unparalleled filtering capabilities that effectively eliminate nuisance alarms, ensuring that security personnel can focus on real threats and respond swiftly.

"PureTech Systems is delighted to join forces with The Monitoring Association and introduce PurifAI to the security industry," said Larry Bowe, CEO at PureTech Systems. "Our AI-boosted video analytics are deployed at some of the most critical infrastructure sites in the U.S. and abroad.  In addition to highly accurate intrusion detection, classification and tracking, they address one of the biggest challenges faced by security professionals - the overwhelming number of nuisance alarms.”

PureTech’s advanced video analytics employ state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately filter out nuisance alarms to allow operators to focus on real security events. By significantly reducing nuisance alarms, PurifAI empowers security teams to allocate their time and resources more efficiently, unleashing exponential growth without the need to expand staff.

With the imminent launch of PurifAI, PureTech Systems aims to provide organizations with a highly-reliable, cost-effective solution that enhances overall safety. By implementing PurifAI into existing security systems, enterprises can leverage their current infrastructure, improve their security posture and protect their assets effectively.

With its TMA membership, PureTech Systems gains access to a robust network of industry professionals and best practices, enabling continuous innovation and advancements in security solutions. This collaboration allows PureTech Systems to refine PurifAI's technology further, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry and meets the evolving needs of security-conscious organizations.

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