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PureTech Systems President, Larry Bowe was featured in The Last Word With… in Security Journal Americas May edition

May 5, 2023

PHOENIX, Ariz - PureTech Systems President, Larry Bowe, was featured on The Last Word With... in the May edition of Security Journal Americas. His interview can be read below.

Can you tell me about PureTech Systems?


PureTech was founded in 2004 – we are a trusted go-to company for organizations needing to secure the perimeter of their critical operations more efficiently and effectively. We provide the most comprehensive, patented, easy to integrate, and reliable AI-boosted, geospatial video analytics and sensor fusion software solution.  Our cutting-edge software turns ordinary security cameras and other sensors into autonomous, highly accurate, and scalable perimeter intrusion detection systems to deliver real-time situational awareness, enabling customers to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. We empower our clients to protect their assets, people, and critical infrastructure with confidence while lowering operational costs.


What range of markets do you serve?


We are typically the chosen solution for wide area and/or high-risk perimeter protection at government borders, electric utilities including distribution, nuclear power plants, passenger rail, water utilities, seaports, and airports. 


What makes PureTech stand out in the market?


PureTech’s PureActiv Software Platform enables the highest probability of detection, with the lowest false alarm rate, by auto-verifying objects of interest using our geospatial, AI boosted video analytics. Essentially, we turn standard security cameras into high-resolution, non-transmitting radars.  We deliver the best geospatial situational awareness, faster response, and lower workload due to our automation and Common Operating Picture which brings together legacy and new sensors into a homogonous Single Pane of Glass. Furthermore, we concisely and reliably automate, in real-time, intruder detection, classification and location, video streaming, notifications, and deterrence. With Longer detection ranges (fewer cameras, etc. needed) and reuse of existing sensors (cameras, radar, etc.)  PureActiv lowers system acquisition costs. Operators, Agents, Guards, and Police that use PureActiv know they are using a trusted system that improves their performance.

"We deliver the best geospatial situational awareness, faster response, and lower workload"


Some key capabilities:


PureActiv integrates with multiple manufacturers’ ground and air detection radars to locate moving objects in a geospatial range. Once detected by the radar, PureActiv automatically determines if the track is in a location of interest and if so, it controls PTZ cameras, to point at the radar track and zoom appropriately based on the range to the target. PureActiv then leverages its AI-boosted Video Analytics to automatically classify the target. When PureActiv classifies a moving object as a target of interest (person, vehicle, drone), PureActiv initiates several automated actions including:

1)     Transmitting classified track metadata to the Command, Control, and Communications System,

2)     Display on a GIS map,

3)     Adding the track to an alarm que for prioritized handling,

4)     Auto following the target with a PTZ camera, and

5)     Commanding deterrent devices.

Auto-following has two modes; one PureActiv commanding the PTZ camera to continuously slew to the radar track and the other; using PureActiv optical tracking algorithms to follow the target based on the video. This combination of information acts as a tremendous force multiplier by bringing the human in the loop at the appropriate time (once the target is auto verified) with high fidelity intelligence for their actions (next steps).


In addition to radars, PureTech Systems is integrated with multiple sensor technologies and systems, including, but not limited to, drones for dispatch to alarms, cameras, GPS, VMS/PSIM, loud hailers, strobe/spotlights, and AIS (ship transponders) – all to provide the most cost-effective total solution possible. There are many customers that use PureActiv as their VMS or PSIM due to our exceptional geographic User Interface.

Download a full version of the interview here:

SJA - Issue 12 - LastWord
Download PDF • 4.36MB

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