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PureTech Enhances Security at Highly Sensitive Sites in Mexico

Feb 2, 2024

Phoenix, Ariz – PureTech, a leader in providing AI-boosted video analytics security solutions for highly sensitive sites and country borders, announces a contract award for confidential facilities in Mexico. This award includes PureTech’s User Interface, PureActiv AlertView, in Spanish, a new relationship with Global Justice Solutions (GJS) and an integration with Silent Sentinel’s, NexOS platform.


"We’re excited to protect these facilities in Mexico. This is a testament to PureTech's dedication to creating safe environments through strategic relationships and integrations," said Larry Bowe, Jr., CEO of PureTech.


GJS is a company focused on delivering solutions for justice and public safety in Latin America. “This collaboration offers a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated security solution,” says Dinorah Santos, Principal of GJS, “from the deployment of advanced surveillance and cutting-edge AI-boosted video analytics, our unified approach is designed to ensure unparalleled protection and security."


Silent Sentinel offers the latest in electro-optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) sensors, with expertise in both cooled and uncooled, long-range thermal camera platforms, making an ideal solution for the customer.


"By combining our state-of-the-art, customizable NexOS platform for long-range surveillance and PureTech’s autonomous PTZ Auto-follow, we are revolutionizing the Mexican market with our cutting-edge solutions,” said Ryan Workman of Silent Sentinel.


PureTech is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure, and safety of personnel not just in the United States and Mexico, but across the globe. The company continues to show their unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive, advanced perimeter security software solutions.


For further details on PureTech's activities in Mexico, their new teaming relationship with GJS or the Silent Sentinel Integration, please contact or visit our website at

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